My Top 10 Restaurants in the Capital #4

My Top 10 Restaurants in the Capital #4

First impressions count right? The entrance of Brasserie Zedel, London Photo: TripAdvisor

Who and Where?

If you’re looking for a French bistro, with excellent service and an authentic experience, then Brasserie Zedel is as good as it comes.
Located just off Regent Street, in the heart of the west end, this restaurant despite being in the basement, is a hive of activity any day of the week.

Now it can’t go without a mention, the restauranteurs behind this gaff are Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, the guys behind none other than the Wolseley and Delauney, so standards are high.

You’ve got to try l’escargots just once. They’re scrummy!


And for me, any French restaurant in town that serves snails as a starter gets a big tick, and this one does. Voila!

My theory is that with l’escargots on the menu, you know the restaurant is authentic, traditional, and a winner, if you’re looking for the real deal French meal in the capital.

Marbled pillars, gold finishings and mirrors galore, the decor is top notch. Photo: Brasserie Zedel


The decor of Brasserie Zedel is spot on. With tiles decked throughout the entire venue, and large glass mirrors every angle you turn framed teamed with wooden panelling and soft lighting, yes you could be in France. Mais oui.

Now the bistros I know in Paris aren’t quite like this, but if in your minds eye you have an idea of how a French bistro should look and feel, then this is it.


Oh, and I should probably get onto the food, it doesn’t disappoint (sorry to foodies among you who see this so low on my list). Beautifully presented, super colourful and simply delicieux. And it doesn’t break the bank either.

No excuses, book a date and pay this place a visit, and if you’re in an insta fan take your camera too. Photo opportunities galore. You’re welcome!

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Last week Fe’s family came to stay with us for a few days, to spend some quality time with Fe and Lex.

It’s funny because they always comment on how my interior style is so British, but really it’s quite the opposite. All my friends and family know that my style is hugely French inspired, with shutter blinds, ceiling chandeliers and pastel/grey hues throughout.

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Travelling with toddlers…they find every little nook and cranny. Walking the City Wall in Old Town Dubrovnik.
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My Top 10 Restaurants in the Capital #3

My Top 10 Restaurants in the Capital #3

Clos Maggiore
This is the beautiful interior and draping ceiling of Clos Maggiore Credit: Telegraph

I’m back with my third instalment on my fave restaurants in London. I’m sorry I’ve fallen off the bandwagon since my last post in May. I’m crap I have no excuses other than I’ve been flying solo a week on and week off since then, then we had a family holiday (blog coming soon!), Little Lex’s birthday and now I’m back with you. Eek!

So as I’ve harped on before, Paris has our heart but London is our life. It’s where we met, had our first date, bought our first home, and more. In the past 8 years we’ve been to a fair amount of French restaurants, all of my Parisian husband’s choosing, and I thought I’d make a series of our top 10.

Introducing Number Three….Clos Maggiore.

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