To Toile or not to Toile?

To Toile or not to Toile?

As an impressionable young girl I will never forget the moment I fell in love with toile wallpaper. I was babysitting for a little girl in a beautiful £6m townhouse overlooking Battersea Park.


The house, a Georgian home, had incredible features and the mother had a great eye for decor and appreciation in restoring the character that reflects the era of which it was built.
In the family bathroom was an stunning, and very grand, self-standing bath with large ornate feet and behind it the most beautiful toile wall in blue and white that really set the bathroom off. I loved it!
Fast-forward some years and here I am living the dream, hanging my own toile wall – it’s the simple things in life…
We felt there wasn’t enough wall space in our bathroom to create a toile wall that’s worth appreciating so we are have chosen this welcoming theme in the guest bedroom instead. The room is decorated in Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin with one feature wall, behind the bed.
The toile wallpaper we chose is Toile Topaz Green Patterned Wallpaper from Laura Ashley, the quality is great (
However, little did I know that hanging wallpaper could prove quite so technical. And I’ve learnt a new term – “sizing”. You have to “size” the wall on newly plastered walls before applying the paper. On a Sunday afternoon at 4pm we found ourselves stuck without the sizing, so just watered down our Solvite wallpaper paste and used this; it certainly did the trick.
The bedroom previously had a rather unsightly wallpaper before; a library book style wallpaper which was dark, bold and in the completely wrong context. In a drawing room (should any of us be wealthy enough to have one of those), a large dining room, a nook or an office, then fine, but not a bedroom…
Guest Bedroom Before...
So next time you find yourself wallpaper shopping for your period home toile wallpaper is a wise choice; it exudes a soft, traditional and welcoming tone for any room.
An idea of the final effect...
For small rooms it makes the perfect feature wall and for larger rooms, you have the luxury of using it on all walls. The toile wallpaper can transform any room into a country haven, whether you’re in Battersea, central London or commuter towns in Hertfordshire. It’s never a bad idea.

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