Mrs Bump

Mrs Bump

I’ve always dreamt of a bump shoot in fields or meadows on a sunny day. Fortunately for me, dreams came true – when we found out we are expecting a summer baby.


When we ventured out for a picnic one sunny Saturday in May we decided to take out SLR camera and take some shots having been cooped up renovating the house every weekend since January.

We found a beautiful field through some villages on our way to Audley End House, near Saffron Walden just as the sun was retiring for the day – the perfect light.

Our baby at this point is 36 weeks old, so cooking nicely. Initially I wanted a floaty ethereal-like maternity dress as seen on Pinterest shots, but unfortunately I didn’t have one of these so opted for a tight dress to show off the bump instead.


I popped on a hat, to cover my face and features so that the shoot was not about me but the baby. It’s important that the bump became the focal point of all pictures.

 There was plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, and I always find it rarely goes according to how you had envisaged or imagined it. But I think in our own way, we captured some beautiful shots.


When shooting away make sure you plan for some shots including the father too, as these are treasured memories for both of you. We placed the camera on timer and set it on a gate post and took a few shots with all three of us. The sun was in the background creating a lovely hue.

Once I’d transferred the pictures to my Mac I edited them on Iphoto, not the best editing programme, but good enough for me. I mainly worked in the ‘Effects’ toolbar giving them a boost, a bit more saturation, some more warmth, and some more light if the sun had hidden behind the cloud. I was happy with the outcome and will be creating a trio frame of the best shots.

You’ll see my inspiration above. Here are a few of my own favourites, the first was my birth announcement at Christmas…


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