A Nursery fit for a Prince or Princess…?

A Nursery fit for a Prince or Princess…?

Nothing has brought me more joy in the past few months than decorating the Nursery in our new home.

I found so much inspiration on Pinterest, bargains on ebay and cute additions at NCT sales, that I’m really pleased how it’s come together. I thought I’d share my ideas with you all because believe it or not, this Nursery is full of bargains.

image (96) copy

Before I talk about the bargains, let’s talk about the most extravagant buy; the wall mural. There’s a definite fad circulating all expectant mums and dads right now – nursery wall art. Most you come across are trees with leaves blowing down, butterflies or animals in the jungle. But I had my eye on something different…

image (85) copy

Thanks to Pinterest I found a gorgeous mural which, I’ll be honest I spotted well before I fell pregnant, and was shipped all the way from Portugal. The Little Hands Illustration Company does some fantastic murals with beautiful dreamy scenes fit for any nursery. Prices depend on size but in total it cost us about £150 and is an all-important focal point in the room.

image (86) copy

We ordered this and I picked out the neutral mint green colour from the Rabbit’s flag and the boy’s shorts that appear marching along the musical bars. This was to become the colour of the nursery – Farrow and Ball ‘Mizzle’. At first it went on rather dark but it soon dried to the exact hue we wanted.


Thankfully we inherited a room with an abundance of shelving alcoves perfect for all the little nursery bits, along with a three piece wardrobe which is now brimming with gorgeous outfits from friends and family.

The two other essential pieces of furniture needed were the cot and the changing unit. With a taste for tradition I was scouring the internet for an old farmhouse crib with spindles. Some companies make them new but they are extortionate so I turned to my good ole friend, eBay.

image (91) copy

I searched sporadically over many weeks and one Monday evening finally found a gorgeous cot going very cheap in Middlesborough. After a few direct messages and a bit of postal research I put in the winning bid of £20 and had the cot shipped. Bargain!

image (97) copy

It arrived with white glossy paint on so I liaised with the seller to check it wasn’t toxic and also ensure the cot met all the UK safety standards, which it did. I gave it a good sand to roughen it up and then a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in ‘Old White’. It was difficult to sand the cot back to it’s original pine as the glossy paint was so stubborn so I added dark wax after painting to give it a subtle aged look without looking too shabby.


Following this purchase I continued my search on eBay for a changing unit. I soon found something local and traditional in style, with tongue and groove detail. This was in original pine and I knew it would be an easier project to paint and sand. This solid unit cost me just £17.50. A far cry from the hundreds charged in baby shops. Plus my NCT buddies had a nightmare putting their furniture together wasting a whole weekend just to get their head round which end was which on the cot bed.

                  image (89) copy              image (90) copy

Earlier this Spring there was an ‘NCT Nearly New Sale’ in my area. Among all the clothes, baths and slings for sale I did a quick scan of the room and spotted this rocking horse. It appears untouched, in such excellent condition and cost just £20 – a cute addition to any nursery.

image (93) copy

Along with that we purchased the Moses Basket with a gorgeous detailed lace-like lining which is a perfect throwback to bygone years. This cost just £8.50 and is a great buy as I’ve heard babies grow out of these very quickly. And if the bubba is anything like me, it won’t be long before the cot becomes bed for the night.

Hanging above all this furniture is the chandelier. Some may think it’s a bit extravagant for a nursery but they really do give off plenty of light and why not add a bit of glamour? Ours was a cheap buy from Wilkos, just £45 for the Marie-Therese five arm.


And to finish it all off is one of my favourite pieces; the canapé. This I had shipped from my favourite shop in France (potentially the world!); Maison du Monde. For a bargain of 29.99 Euros this canapé creates a dreamy room and sets everything else off. Now all we do is sit tight and see whether this room belongs to a Petite Prince or a Petite Princess….time will tell.

image (95) copy

Find more inspiration on my Kiddiwinks Board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/onceuponadetail/kiddiwinks/








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