Thailand Adventures

Thailand Adventures

The past few weeks I have spent time reminiscing about our wonderful Thailand adventures in April 2014.

Hubs and I love a good holiday, in the past five years beyond Europe we have explored New England, Boston, Argentina, Brazil,  China, Thailand, Kenya and more.

Each of these places offer a different experience but I was most excited to explore Thailand having planned our trip ourselves, with internal flights, boats, taxis, tuktuks, canoes and more.

With more time on my hands of late I have finally created a short film of highlights from our underwater adventures in Koh Tao.

Koh Tao was our first stop on our three week stint in Thailand, and in hindsight, was one of our favourites – the highlight being an all-day exclusive excursion with us, a captain and two skippers sailing the island to explore life under water. It was stunning.

I’ve finally found time to collate footage taken on our much loved GoPro to show you our adventures from that fabulous day.

I also have a wealth of photos to show you just some of the beautiful sights, sunsets and mammals you will find in Thailand.

image (67) copy

Sunset in Koh Tao, Haat Seiree

image (68) copy

Meditating on the beach, Haat Seiree, Koh Tao

image (69) copy

Chilling in the hotel hammock, Koh Tao Cabana Hotel

image (70) copy

Swinging around in Koh Phangnan

image (71) copy

Sunset through on the island of Koh Samui

image (72) copy

Our bed for the day on Koh Phangnan

image (74) copy

Meeting the most majestic, intelligent and intuitive mammals was one of the best experiences at Elephant Nature Park

image (73) copy

This beauty was blind from a sad story in captivity, but was as gentle as a dove

image (75) copy

My favourite hotel of the whole trip, set in the hills of Pai, Reverie Siam

In Koh Tao stay at – it’s tucked away at the end of the bay to offer relaxation and serenity but close enough to walk to lively parts should you want to watch firedancers at sunset

I would definitely recommend a day visit or night stay at Elephant Nature Park. The stories about this wonderful majestic animals and seeing them up close, feeding them and bathing them is wonderful. This is the only ethical Elephant Park that is 100% ethical; it’s founder winning global recognition and awards for her work.

My favourite hotel of the whole trip was in Pai. Pai is a small town in the north hills of Thailand.  A huge difference to the busy streets of Bangkok – there’s plenty of waterfalls and hot springs in the area.

We also loved Chiang Mai – the old capital of Thailand. It is rich in culture, wth plenty of temples, historic buildings and easily accessible to the famous Golden Triangle touring Pai, Mae Hong Song and other National Parks.

Check out some other places I’d like to visit and some other travel pics of mine…



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