Baby’s First Pictures

Baby’s First Pictures

With a lil one on the way, and being such an avid photographer, it’s inevitable that as I packed my hospital bag the camera was the top of the list.


Infact, it wasn’t just the camera; it’s SLR camera, SLR charger, compact digital camera, compact camera charger, SD cards x2, back up battery, Go Pro (if I’m brave enough), FlipCamera (to capture the introduction to my parents).

It went without saying we arrived at the hospital prepared. But what sort of pictures did we want to capture? Newborn pics now flood Instagram, Twitter and Facebook everyday, but I wanted ours to be different.

The best newborn pictures are in black and white. It’s best to capture in colour and edit after, to give yourself the option of both. However, for me, it’s all about black and white. It makes the image timeless. Not only that, but it allows you to focus on the details such as the baby’s tiny limbs, the wrinkles in their hands, the button features on their adorable little face.


I have had a ‘Kiddiwinks’ board on Pinterest since Day 1 – so for many years! This board has had much more attention over recent months and I have created a spin-off board for essential pictures for the newbie.


Throughout this blog are just some of the essential pics I want to capture. And albeit ambitious, I will be keeping the SLR out on the side to capture the early moments over the first few weeks, both in hospital and at home.


Whatever the outcome, pictures or no pictures, I will share my journey with you. Watch this space, visit my Pinterest boards and adore these pictures for now…



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