Make a WOW extrance with that ‘Je ne sais quoi’

Make a WOW extrance with that ‘Je ne sais quoi’

As an avid Pinterest fan I am constantly pinning ideas and ‘pinspiration’, not knowing if I’ll remember them or if I’ll make them a reality.

FullSizeRender (78) copy

One pin that I just couldn’t forget was a wooden white-painted Victorian staircase with a French twist. As luck would have it, our new home was right on spec to create this in our hallway.

The reason I loved it was that it is eye-catching, particularly as you walk through the front door, it’s unique and is perfect to teach our little ones to count in French.

Firstly, I sourced the numbers from a company called Brume who have a large array of stencils, stickers and wall art to offer (visit

I then tore the carpet off our old staircase to reveal original wooden stairs. Bonus! We removed all the nails safely and painted these white.

We used a floor paint that is durable and gave it three coats to ensure the stairs were densely covered all over to avoid wear and tear.

Placing the numbers takes considerable time, mostly to prepare. If you want the numbers to be central in the staircase you will have to measure the width of each step and each number, exercise some maths skills and carefully stick the numbers on centrally.

To do this I used a spirit level, tape measure and masking tape that I stuck down as a guide for when I placed the measured stencils.

I then followed these instructions and watched the video on this page before taking the challenge myself.

        Applying French numbers
Applying the numbers - zoomed in copy

In short, you cut the stencils individually, you then run over the back with a credit card, peel it away and place it onto the step.


The finished look really gives your home the ‘wow’ factor. I always say that the hallway and entrance are very important rooms to any home because first impressions really do count. And in this case these numbers, combined with a black and white mosaic tiled floor, really give our entrance that certain je ne sais quoi….

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