To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow ~ Audrey Hepburn

To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow ~ Audrey Hepburn

One year, 52 weeks, that’s 365 days (and some) that we’ve lived in our house.

Moving in last winter we have had the pleasure to witness four seasons in our home.

Our new easy maintenance and beautifully landscaped front garden 

This property has the blessing of both a front garden and back garden. The gardens, like the house, were crying for a “facelift”. But we decided to sit back and observe how it evolves over the seasons to decide what we want to keep or lose.

unnamed (6)
The untouched and rather overgrown front garden

 We made a start on the front garden in late autumn, as that’s the time of year for planting young hedge plants to give them the best start. And with all this rainfall, they’ve had just that.

The front aspect of our new garden and our pathway to home

We have transformed our front into an easy-to-maintain, yet striking, entrance that has plenty of curb appeal, not to mention admiration from passers by.

It was no easy feat; we had to uproot a huge conifer tree, a rather forlorn looking hedge and, dare I say it, a magnolia tree. Sob!

The overgrown dead hedge leading to the original blue front door (which I painted on our first weekend!)

However, after levelling the ground down, laying some membrane to keep the weeds out, we laid heaps of Pea Shingle. We planted two Conifer box ball trees in the centre of two box squares. These were Buxus Sempervirens. The privilege of a double-fronted home is the central path and the symmetry, which I think is integral for a design like this.

To finish, we planted some English Yew trees which will eventually flourish into a thick seven foot hedge, giving us that all-important privacy. Front garden done. Next project is outback!

At present its full of bushes one side, a bare flower bed the other and a beautiful Apple tree that sits on a generous lawn.

garden 5
Spring in the garden of Maison de Mathieu

There are many great aspects; the size, the blossom & fruits from the tree and the greenhouse which we inherited.

In our debut year here, whilst ploughing our energy into the house I decided to capture the garden through the seasons. I paid close attention to the flora and colours as they bud. This helps me to recall what blooms when and what’s worth keeping or not.


unnamed (1)
Early Primrose in Spring
unnamed (2)
Daffodils making an appearance alongside some snowflakes
unnamed (9)
Gorgeous bluebells


unnamed (5)
A magnolia budding
unnamed (8)
A gorgeous magnolia flower as it opens
garden 4 copy
Our apple tree full of blossom
garden 3
The wild wisteria in early Summer


We now have an idea of how to transform our garden into a small haven that’s in keeping with the house. Let’s not forget, we have a little one who’s going to kick footballs into the flowerbeds before we know it, so it won’t be too sculpted.

We want a laid back cottage grown feel to our new garden. While I like the idea of a herbaceous border, I also want beautiful blooms. I’m thinking peonies, hydrangea, aliums and hollyhocks. Oh and David Austin roses, ofcourse! For now though, the only thing kicking about outside is Jack Frost. So roll on Spring, let the bunnies out to play, we can’t wait to get our fingers green.




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