A mother’s days are long but years are short

A mother’s days are long but years are short

They say when you have a baby you develop this “deep unfound love for your child”. Now where have I heard that before? Oh that’s right it’s the oldest cliche going but now I’m a mother I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon and I have to admit… it’s absolutely true!

Arriving home from the hospital as a Mother
Nothing quite prepares you for the unrequited and unconditional love you will have for your baby, the whole process of birth is nothing short of a miracle (god bless mother nature)!

Baby’s first bath
Those first few moments, hours, days and weeks come and go in a blur. I can say that now, 8 months in…That’s why I have spent much time capturing not only the moments when our little bundle came into the world but the memories, the growth, the development too.
Our first family photograph on a ten second timer
Even now, looking back I feel nostalgia and disbelief at how far we’ve come, just imagine how I’ll feel in years to come when I’m waving this lil soldier off to university.
Mon Petit Prince 05:01:16
Looking so angelic at 7 months old
More importantly, these pictures aren’t just for parents to look back on but the child too. These photos, hair curls, videos, first teeth, whatever you decide to cherish could be the best gift you can present to your child, particularly at a special age. In effect, you’re building a historic cache of memories for your little one, a time capsule.
My two handsome boys 12:12:15
My two boys
Being the youngest of three by the time I came along there were very little pictures of me (mum was clearly strapped for time!). So build a time capsule of memories, photos, hair curls and the first tooth to pass onto the lil ones.
Sitting comfortably by himself 18:01:15
Remembering to record all the milestones
Here’s more of what I’ve captured so far…
Meeting Father Christmas for the first time 19:12:15
Meeting Father Christmas for the first time
0-6 washing line
Documenting his growth through imagery


Lex & the Eiffel Tower - 7:11:15
His first trip to Paris – the ‘fatherland’


Charming shot 27:12:15
Donning his bow for mummy’s Birthday


If it wasn’t for these photographs I’d never believe Lex was ever this small


Where did my baby go…? Thank goodness for photos…I can relive these cherished moments. Now you must too!


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