I do…love a wedding

I do…love a wedding

If you know me well, you know I love a wedding. So when a friend tells me she’s engaged I’m full of adrenaline; emotion and excitement overload.

So imagine how I feel when a friend asks me to do the flowers. It’s that feeling multiplied by one hundred.

When you have a baby you’re exposed to a new world and a new network. New life, new adventures, new friends. Amy and I, we just clicked. We’re quite opposite really, she’s calm, I’m crazy! She’s tiny, I’m tall. She’s into her jeans I’m into my dresses.

Fluffy lemon tulips

Planning a wedding when you have a newborn is no easy feat but Amy, with the help of Hubby Aiden, had a gorgeous wedding day.


Tulips & Fresia dotted along the drinks table after the ceremony

I accompanied her to the florist all those months back to help her choose the flowers. For a spring wedding it was whites and lemons, with the theme of “simple elegance” exuding through.

Roses and Gypsophilia bursting out of a biscuit jar
Fresia in a diffuser jar perched on top of a radiator

The months leading up to the wedding friends and family were scavenging and salvaging old jam jars, diffuser bottles and spice pots.

The best salvage was the medecine bottles, which looked like mini versions of the traditional glass milk bottle from the milkman.
I love the way these ruffled Tulips opened alongside Lisianthus

The week leading up to the wedding we stocked up on flowers in preparation for my mass make-up on Saturday morning.

There was an abundance of flowers and tonnes of jars, so much so that I didn’t have time to use them all (hair and make up were calling…you know). But I filled the brief anyway.

A group of flowers on the Register table
Dotted on tables, radiators and window ledges were rescued glass jars brimming with roses, lysianthus, tulips, fresia, stocks, daisies and gypsophilia.
Once the “I dos” were said, we toast to a lifelong happy marriage

So simple elegance it was; just one or two stems, and a touch here and there.

The sun shone brilliantly and it was the warmest day of 2016 yet; perfect for such a lovely couple.

It was a honour to be a part of the big day, and I’m proud to share it all with you! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together, Mr & Mrs Charles.


One thought on “I do…love a wedding

  1. I’ve just re read this again after a few months of marriage, and it still makes me well up with tears. With your help, our wedding was styled exactly how I wanted, the flowers were just beautiful. Thank you so much!!
    &I love – ‘she’s calm, I’m crazy’… I certainly didn’t feel that calm back then!!XxxxxX


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