An emotional first haircut

An emotional first haircut

This sums up the day; super fun but very tiring

My oldest sister Louise, now how do I phrase this? She never does things by halves. So when Lex’s curls go from tight and cute to long and wild she’s on that phone calling Trotters on the King’s Road to book his first haircut.

Lex holding his first lock of hair


No. A local hairdresser won’t do. It has to be Trotters, and it has to be the Kings Road. Fine by me, a trip to London with the bubba and my favourite Zara in the whole-wide-word is just across the road, in Duke of York Square.

I had visions of a super cute Lex sitting in his chair watching the fish in the supersize tank in front as a perfect distraction. But…


Lex during the haircut – typical boy doesn’t like the fuss


Babies will be babies. They are entirely unpredictable and Lex was in that no fuss stage and he was having none of it. There I was with the SLR camera poised and rather than smiles I got tears. Bless him!

The Queen’s staff say, she (the Queen) loves it when things go wrong because it makes it more memorable. She has a point. Never will I forget my sister and I flapping around, singing, playing, dancing, entertaining but to no avail. Even just getting him to sit still was a mission impossible.


All smiles after the haircut – donning his sleek new cut and a sticker to go

But after all the fuss he did have a lovely trim and we do look back and laugh. His hair looked so much better and the staff were fantastic – clearly experienced in mini-people meltdowns.

It’s definitely worth a visit, and only £14 for the cut; that comes with his first lock of hair and personalised certificate. Cheap as chips for a first-baby-experience. All the more money to spend in Zara then…whoop.


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