Jerusalem – a Wedding of epic proportions

Jerusalem – a Wedding of epic proportions

Heaven on Earth – the stunning setting for the most incredible wedding

Jerusalem Part 1

Since meeting my Frenchie I have become so much more travelled. Yes, we’re loyalty scheme members on the Eurostar, but I’m not talking about the frequent weekend in Paris. I’m talking further.

Fé has lived and worked in several European cities. He has friends from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the list goes on. We’ve basically attended native weddings to all the above and have just added ISRAEL to the list. Yes, Jerusalem!

The “young hot rabbi” singing to the couple during the ceremony

Most of Fé’s friends are Jewish, so the festivities last at least four days and go well into the early hours. And on this trip, we’ve been the brave (or should I say naive?) parents who dragged bubba along too.

Showered with sweet delicacies during the Henna party


The festivities of Lior & Laura’s wedding kicked off with a Henna Party on Thursday evening. This is a common tradition for Middle-Eastern brides, it’s an Eastern inspired celebration where the women present sweet delicacies to the bride, and yes, the name gives it away, we paint ourselves in Henna.

Well, actually, it’s less paint yourself and more a splat of “Henné” in the palm of the hand but it’s super fun and I’m a sucker for anything traditional, so I loved it.

Victor & Geromine enjoying a splat of Henna to mark the festivities

The party was at Lior’s sisters amazing house up in the hills of Jerusalem. So a windy coach ride up and we were met with stunning views over the city.

There was a live Moroccan-style band with string instruments and singers. Canapés, bbqs, alcohol and shots on tap, literally, it was a great kick-start to the celebrations.

The boys dancing during shabbat – Lior, his nephew and the Rabbi

Nursing a sore-head the next day, my husband vowed to not drink that night, but it was Shabbat, it would be rude not to. We arrived at a local conference Centre where Laura & Lior hired the panoramic room which looked out on to the City Wall. It is magical at night, as the lights shine up to the heavens to illuminate every inch of the wall.

The girls form their own circle and do their thing

Once prayers were said and sung, there was a religious drink and sing-song followed by Shabbat dinner and a very young, energetic and well-sung Rabbi leading the religious songs or as the Frenchies called him “un petit Rabin beau gosse”. That’s when it gets mental, the boys dance in their group, the girls in theirs, banging on tables, up on shoulders and love-train-esque lines of guests weaving their way around the tables.

And then Sunday, just blew my breath away. Never have I been in such a stunning setting for a wedding ceremony (this one definitely rivals our Jewish wedding in Rome overlooking Vatican City). Up in the hills of Jerusalem again, the sun poised and ready for it’s performance, the bride and groom made their promises with beautiful rays beating down on them.

Family picture in the hills of Jerusalem at the wedding

Lior came down the aisle with his mum and then Laura, like a Disney princess, came out onto the top of the stairs, looking over the huge forecourt with the guests all looking up adoringly, blown away by the magnificent setting, exquisite dress, and superb hills in the background.

The most breathtaking fairytale entrance for any bride

She walked down the stairs and was met by Lior, half way down the aisle and the sun did what it does best; set beautifully to be ready for a new day, a new beginning, a new chapter – which is exactly what Lior & Laura have with each other.

The moment she stops down the aisle and Lior walks to greet her

The ceremony was followed by food and dancing, some more food, and much more dancing. It was an awesome night, the wedding on a whole was of epic proportions. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr Roth, the King of Party. And now, he has his Queen. Mazeltov!






Here are the messy party pics…

The boys reunited at the Henna Party
A very tired Lex made his debut on the dancefloor as the boys take selfies
The happy couple come join us at the most loud and lary table among the 400-strong guests
The boys, Lior & his wife take centre stage as the band is given the elbow – oops!
Hoping these two are next…the gorgeous Victor & Geromine

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