How to survive Motherhood? Get yourself a good “Mum Squad”

How to survive Motherhood? Get yourself a good “Mum Squad”

Emily playing in the bluebell wood this spring

Meet this special little lady; Emily Sofia Marshall. And let me tell you something else – her mummy is pretty special too.

As sweet little Emily turns one, just three weeks ahead of Lex, it’s inevitable that I reflect on what a monumental year it’s been.

Me meeting Emily when she was 4 days old, still awaiting Lex’s arrival
 The very first night we rocked up to NCT classes back in March last year, I knew Mummy Helen would be special…my kinda girl. Even Hubby said it.

Looking back, that night feels like an age ago, and so much has happened since then. There were eight of us mums in total; a perfect team right there, and we’ve held each other’s hand and played ball through the steepest learning curve we’ll ever face. Let me tell you ladies, motherhood…it ain’t easy!

Emily meeting Lex at 4 days old – neither of them amused

Everyday I’m winging it, but by my side I have my fellow mums, including Helen. Helen is a strong, independent, no-fuss kinda girl. She is honest, researches everything and anything (so you don’t have to), and is fiercely loyal. She’s also super scatty which I initially put down to baby brain, but no, that’s just Helen. Every mama needs a friend like Helen.

A couple of months on and still unimpressed with the Mamarazzi
Kisses and late nights with Mummy & Daddy

She’s been my rock, my counsel, shared my victories and triumphs and cried with me on my lows. We share a passion for interiors, Annie Sloane paint and dressing our babies with so much fuss it’s borderline inappropriate (I speak for myself there), but being a mummy has been a dream for us, and that’s just the way we roll. It’s great to have a like-minded mama to share these moments with.

Girls night out at Christmas

I know that this is only the beginning. That in years to come we’ll have plenty more memories to share together. But once you’ve survived the first year, you’ll find there’s a huge camaraderie among mums; you form a sisterhood. I call it my “Mum Squad” (yeh, I’m as cool as Taylor Swift!), and boy are we ready for combat! While we may individually have our wobbles, en masse we are a force to be reckoned with. I’m telling you, every mum wants Helen Marshall on their Mum Squad and I’m so blessed that she’s on mine.

Saturday brunches with these two
Play dates at Zachary’s house
I’ll be forever thankful to little Emily & Lex. For without them, I’ll have never met, nor known Mummy Marshall and the rest of my Squad. I sincerely hope our little ones grow up to be fabulous friends too.
This duo
Happy First Birthday Princess Emily! I can’t wait to see what pretty party dresses mummy has for you! And Helen, thanks for being in my Squad!

One thought on “How to survive Motherhood? Get yourself a good “Mum Squad”

  1. Just re-read this and it brought a tear to my eye once again. The loveliest things anybody has ever written about me! Feeling so privileged to have met the three of you. What a special time we have shared and looking forward to many more of those to come! Thank you, my lovely friend Georgia xxx


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