Forget the baby, First Birthdays and Christenings are all about us!

Forget the baby, First Birthdays and Christenings are all about us!

I can’t believe Lex’s birthday and christening was only a month ago. I’ve been insanely busy since then so am only just getting round to writing this post…

Family portrait before going into church

It was a big day for us, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have a joint Birthday and Christening. Why splurge twice?

So there we were, planning a lil christening shindig. I was torn whether to go all out or intimate. Turns out I did both. Papa had to reign me in so while the invite list was intimate the decor was all out…what I mean by that is I had stuff made and shipped from Australia. I know, I’m crazy!

Lex with the vicar being baptised with the water
Mama, Papa & Lex just after the service

Many people say to me “It’s just their first Birthday, they won’t remember it”. Which is true, and I listened to it. But I think for the first Birthday it’s not about them; it’s about us. The mum. The dad. The exhausted parents who have survived this momentous year, probably the most challenging year you will face together.

Lex & I with the stunning backdrop of St Michael’s Church

So when parents go all out on baby’s first birthday I get it. I don’t judge, I don’t roll my eyes, I embrace it. I fist pump with them with a big yesssss! You did it! And trust me, as a mother after child labour, and a mother after the first year, you feel invincible! In the words of MC Hammer – U  Can’t Touch This!

Cutting his First Birthday cake together. I have this on film, it’s just the cutest!
Lex’s Rainbow Cake

As for our petit Prince he was a superstar for his christening. We had a house full of Frenchies, ten people stayed that weekend (yes ten!). We had a BBQ for all our family to come together the night before, a big old christening on the Sunday morning followed by afternoon tea in the church hall in the afternoon.

The Birthday Boy in his Party hat amid the cake and decor – lapping up the attention!

Venue-wise it could’ve been more grand (so says my mum) but it’s all about the company right?! And in true Mathieu style Fé’s brother Charles, a music scholar in one of the best music schools in Paris, whipped out his violin and had us all jigging away. It’s tradition now. It wouldn’t be a Mathieu party without Charles and his violin.

The afternoon tea spread was provided by a local tea shop, Rosey Lea Tea Rooms, who now do a catering service. It worked a treat as it’s very British (so while they were having tea on The Mall for the Queen’s 90th, we were sticking our pinkies out too). So that’s our nod to you Ma’am!

Blowing out the candles, us three – special moments!

I had a top table full of sweet treats, a Time Capsule 2035 for everyone to write a prediction or note to Lex for him to open when he is 20, and plenty of cake, three big ones actually. A rainbow cake for his birthday, a red velvet cake for his christening and a carrot cake for his dad who’s Birthday fell on the same day as the christening. It’s his partner’s Birthday the day before and Fe’s brother two days before that. June is a busy month. Gemini overload!

Anyhow, there was plenty of cake sitting below the tassel garland which I had made and personalised especially for us from @lavenderandhoneyco. I had watched and admired her stuff on Instagram and found nothing quite like it on Etsy or the like from the UK. There I was at crazy hours calling my friend Naoise who’s recently emigrated to Oz asking her to send the garland, cake toppers and party hat all the way from Sydney.

The gorgeous personalised tassle garland by @lavenderhoneyandco

They arrived just in the nick of time and looked fab. Something that definitely wasn’t last minute was my dress. I had that little number lined up months in advance. I wanted something pale blue, for my little boy, with a touch of lace detail. Given that it was a church occasion shoulders and knees had to be covered. Now try finding something that specific for he occasion. It’s no easy feat. I decided my best bet was ASOS and kept refreshing my search every morning. And when a pale blue a-line dress with cut out lace like sleeves came up I just knew that was the one. And get me, Mr Lean-in-15 had me in a size 10. Thank you to @thebodycoach!

Lex’s christening outfit
As for the star of the show his outfit was lined up early too. I’d seen a beautiful cotton romper with a mesh chest detail with teddies on from @babyboutique_clothing. Only after I bought did I realise Prince George had the same one (amazing!). I’m a huge royalist. If the outfit is fit for a prince its fit for my Alexandre as well.
Lex adores balloons, I bought him a bubble balloon filled with confetti which he loved

Lex looked super cute and was a happy chappy all day! I was bursting with pride and forever grateful to all our friends and family who not only travelled from far and wide to share the day, but spoilt us with their generous and thoughtful gifts too.

TonTon Charles on his violin with Grandpere Mathieu
My mum with Famille Mathieu dancing along

Fé and I spent the evening afterwards going through his time capsule…we were so overwhelmed and Fé even choked up at a message from his sister. I know, I know. Reading them now is cheating. I promise, I have forgotten what they say already! However, one thing I won’t forget is his Christening day. Worth every effort and worth every penny. We came. We saw. We conquered. Parenthood ain’t easy but first year down I say bring on the next one…no hold up. Gimme another year, just to recover from these celebrations at least!


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