Family Portraits with our “extended family”

Family Portraits with our “extended family”

Look at that light
My fave!

This summer we made our seasonal trip to friends in Poole. They have a stunning  house which they rebuilt on a beautiful, wide tree-lined avenue. And with a just short walk to the beach, it really is a retreat. Did I mention there’s a gym, sauna and jacuzzi too?! I know!

Poole is pretty far with bubba but we were ready and loaded with back up for motorway meltdowns, but Lex was a dream (fluke!) and the long journey is so worth it. They’re such great friends.
I love this family portrait
Walking in his moccs
 On the Saturday evening Donna decided to invite a photographer over to take some snaps (as you do!). Emma Gates is no ordinary photographer. Her pictures speak for themselves. I have high standards when it comes to photographs (I know, I’m a photography snob), but Emma has just got it!
Lex loves to be thrown about
A tender kiss
He’s on the move people!
It’s all about capturing the light. It was a beautiful balmy evening and the sun was just setting and she captured it beautifully. Even with one tired, very grizzly, teething toddler.
My boys!
Look how similar their expressions are!
I just love the light behind these…Lex is reaching for Papa
I love the way this is all blurry, it feels like a dreamy shot
My tips for anyone considering family portraits is whites and jeans. It’s a classic look, no patterns and no fuss, and looks great in colour and even better in black and white. The boys were both in blue linens again, which is timeless and classic in photographs too.
The boys
The kids
I love this one of me & Joel, we were close growing up
The Extended Family
I’ve just had these pictures printed and wow! I can’t wait to put them up at home, particularly in the gallery wall in our entrance! What a welcome to Maison de Mathieu! Thank you Emma! Check out more of her work at emmagatesphotography
Donna is so special to me, my guardian angel on earth
What photographers do you like to follow? My faves are Binky Nixon @binkynixonphotography, Patricia Semir @patriciasemirphotography and now Emma Gates @emmagatesphotography. Share your favourite photographers and send me your favourite snaps, I just can’t get enough of them!

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