Little garden DIY project got me like, ooh!

Little garden DIY project got me like, ooh!

DIY potting station made from an upcycled gate, crate and hooks

Now I know you’re all gearing up for Christmas and the garden is the last thing on your priority list but I had to post this before the year was out. Even if it inspires you for spring.

Those who know me well will see I’ve developed a huge passion for the garden and hubs and I have slaved over the garden at every opportunity. Even until 9pm after work on some summer evenings. Glass of wine in hand too, I might add!

I followed the same colour scheme as the shed…even though I’m not a fan of samey!

The transformation is incredible, and now Project Garden 2016 is complete I can look back and enjoy our work.

There’s one project to share with you that was dead easy and I hope will inspire. If, this spring, you fancy growing some seeds, perhaps vegetables, flowers, herbs…do it! It’s so fun. And here’s the best bit, you don’t need a greenhouse. Create you’re own potting station like me.

Upside down crate, painted “Willow” green, by Cuprinol

Now it was helpful that we did inherit a greenhouse in the garden, which in spring, I used to plant tonnes of seeds and bulbs. But my backache was mental, being tall I couldn’t stand up in the damn thing. You could think of me as 2016’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.

As for the seeds, I had no idea what I was doing, and didn’t quite realise the dedication involved with germinating, feeding, transplanting, acclimatising and all that jazz. I felt like I was growing another baby. Needless to say,  I was chuffed when half of the seeds “made it”.

Two random plans of wood painted “Country Cream”

I decided to give it another go next spring, but didn’t think my back could hack it. While scrolling through Pinterest this summer I saw a handmade potting station made from recycled door. I loved it and thought I’d give it a go. At the bottom of our garden we had two old wooden gate doors so decided to upcycle one. Or at least attempt to. This means, come spring I’ll have my own potting station where I can actually stand tall. So liberating!

Old shabby gate – it had seen better days!

So how do you do it? Well there’s the easy way or the hard way. I chose the easy way because I don’t have much time people, toddler at my feet and winter kicking in. So I sourced some hooks, an old vintage crate and some discarded planks of wood.

If you want to be more creative go for it, create the crate and wood yourself. Perhaps from old pellets and so on. Channel your inner carpenter.

The cute hooks were given some TLC!

As for my project, I washed the gate down, which was full of eeji beejis (my word for insects of all kinds) and soon got painting. The best paint to use is something like Cuprinol. Not only do they do fab colours, but it protects AND treats the wood. Double bonus! They’re not paying me to say this by the way.

After painting all the separate parts you need to screw the station together. A handyman is good at this point…introducing hubby, Frenchie, Fefe, whatever you wanna call him. Out he came with his tool kit to screw the ensemble. And voila! The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be so, like, last year. Instead I’ll be channeling my inner Kate Moss, tall and free, donning the wellies. Oh, and  a glass of wine in hand, let’s not forget the wine!


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