A fools guide to making your own front door wreath

A fools guide to making your own front door wreath

Whenever there’s a festive celebration, I’m always caught hanging garlands, decorations and making things to suit the season. After some requests, I thought I’d share my latest creation…my Christmas front door wreath.


Let’s face it, craft isn’t exactly my forte, so it doesn’t have to be yours either. It’s a fools guide to saving some pennies and channeling our inner Blue Peter presenter, to create a masterpiece in a flash, minus the “here’s something I made earlier”.

So for now, let’s chat about my wreath. You might already have yours hung for the year, that’s okay, take note for next year or practice this year and stick it on the back door or garden gate instead…

1. Buy the wreath
If you, like me, have very little time (or skills!) then you can get a head start by buying a pre-prepared Christmas tree wreath from your local florist or flower market stall.

A plain Christmas wreath to get you started (photo: pinesandneedles.com)
2. Collect the foliage
That way the bulk of it’s there and all you need to do is add the rest. I managed to get all my additional foliage from the garden, but walk down a country lane or to the local park and you should find some Ivy, Berries or Holly, whatever catches your eye.3. Choose different colours
Snip some pieces with a generous bit of stem and pretty looking leaves or heads. Always try and get some berries if you can as they offer a great contrast to an otherwise very green wreath. Some leaves have yellow or reddy hues which also offer alternative colour palettes.

Cinnamon stick sitting pretty (photo: YourHomeMagazine)
4. Add the foliage
Place the greenery in first, you can just poke it into the pre-wired here and there and try to make it even looking and balanced around the wreath.5. Prepare and place the props
Then you can add the fun bits such as dried orange, apple, or cinnamon sticks. I tried to dry my oranges in the oven but didn’t do too well so if you have great success, please share your secret! You will need some floristry wire to add these bits.

Dried oranges, I’m yet to master this bit… (photo: rainydaymum.co.uk)
6. Add some glitter
I then bought a bouquet of four glitter cones from Aldi, for a couple of quid and added these in for a dash of sparkle.7. Light the way…
To finish the look you could add a wired bow. I decided not to but went for a cheap pack of 40 battery operated lights from a local bargain shop. My doorway now looks super pretty, day and night. And so can yours…!


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