Top 5 Home Office Essentials

Top 5 Home Office Essentials

With the start of a New Year, you’ll find social media littered with bullsy quotes, ambitious resolutions, flexing muscles with a mean game face. Yep, that’s me (minus the muscle bit!).

This January, my home office was one of the many things on my hitlist. With over 4.2 million Britons working from home, an increase of nearly a quarter in the last decade, the working from home space needs careful thought to optimise productivity and creativity within the comfort of your own home.

Home Office Goals from @katelavie

For me, sharing it with a messy husband doesn’t help, but I’ve thought of 5 non-obvious, inexpensive ways to turn your home desk into an inspiring place to work.

Yes, the obvious things go…you want good lighting, comfortabe seating, a generous space with decent filing storage, blah blah blah. We know all this but the creative in me wants more…so here are five quick fixes to help you feel inspired working at home for 2017.

This is my go to quote…I live my life by it!


Choose one really mean quote that inspires you, motivates you, makes you feel positive and fearless. Find this quote online, in whatever font/print format you like (Pinterest can help here). Save it, print it and frame it. Hang this quote in your office to inspire you, especially when you lose focus and your eyes start to wonder. And if you’re feeling adventurous find a few more and alternate them every month or so.

This stationery inspires me and the colours energise me


Get some colourful, positive and inspiring stationery that you know is gonna make you want to kick some ass (even if it’s just in your head). I bought some gorgeous stationery last year and while I haven’t used it all yet, it sits on my desk to add colour and inspire me. And while the mottos may seem a bit whimsical; “Never Stop Dreaming”, “Live Your Dream”, la la la…then let me tell you one thing: the distance between dreams and reality is action. So grab a pad and pen, and let’s get on with it!

Good Natural Light is Fundamental (from Pinterest) 

Let there be light

I know I touched on it as one of the most obvious things for a workspace, but it is absolutely FUNDAMENTAL. As humans, we function much better with natural light. And that’s not just me talking. Scientists at the Lighting Research Center in N.Y. reported that daylit environments increase productivity and comfort, and provide mental and visual stimulation. Oh yeh! So choose a space with loads of light and if that’s not possible think of carefully placed mirrors that can reflect light.

Me having a ‘Mindful Moment’ on the Inca Trail, Peru

Sitting on Top of the World

Create a vision of yourself with the world at your feet. Whether this is a photographic memory, a drawing or a picture of a place. Make sure it has calm connotations and encourages the feeling of being relaxed. I like to have my travel pictures around to remind me of really mindful moments in life. Plus, all the hard work is rewarded with a nice holiday somewhere, so it spurs me on to work to that goal. I love to travel!

A wonderfully natural colour office with pops of colour to life and inspire from

Keep Calm and Be Colourful

Choose the colours of your home office wisely. Colour affects our mood hugely. For example, orange expands our thinking, purple enhances spirituality, light blue gives is calming, bright red is stimulating and yellow increases focus. You can read more on colours here. I’m not a fan of bold noisy colours, but soft pastels really inspire me. My ideal desk is one that is mostly white, light and airy with colourful stationery, quotes and imagery. So when it comes to your home office, think about your connections to colour, and paint it wisely.

Here’s some more ideas and links to get you started! Have you got any other tips for making your home office a more inspiring place to work? Share. Share! I wanna hear!

For more inspiration follow these links:

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