What does your home say about you?

What does your home say about you?

I wouldn’t be a very good candidate on Through the Key Hole and I’ll tell you why. My house tells you so much about me and my family. The contestants would guess it in seconds.

According to friends and family our house is, in their words: “just so you!”. And I think to myself, well yeah, it is my house! But on reflection, it’s surprising how many people don’t create a home reflecting them. If this is you, then read on!

Vintage Chandeliers from French Antique Markets

When an Interiors brand came to shoot our house last month and I was asked to describe our home, the rooms, the furniture, the vibe, that’s when I realised that actually, yeh, my house has a definite identity. But I know this isn’t easy for everyone, so I am going to show you around my home and offer some inspiration.

As a stranger, you could walk into our house and come out ten minutes later and reel off a load of spiel about our life, who we are, where we’re from, passions, interests and all that. It’s a tad scary, but on the flip side, the house has a distinctive personality.

Chandeliers and Inherited Vintage Things

It’s true,  a house becomes much more charming and memorable, the more personality you inject into it, and by personality I mean that of the people who live there.

Now I’m not raving on about my personality and how wonderful it is, far from it! But with a few small pieces you can really make your house a home, that reflects you and your journey.

French Numbered Stairwell from Brume Designs

The entrance to your home is very important. So what’s your hallway like? Our hallway is set off by the staircase, which has steps numbered from one to fourteen written in French calligraphy. See how we did it here. Straightaway, you’d guess there’s a Frenchie in the family, and some kids lurking around. No brainer!

French calligraphy numbers

So what does your hallway say about you? Don’t forget it is the first impression and last impression for all guests. You may want to have a gallery wall of family portraits, or all your prized art collections on display, or maybe a family heirloom placed as a talking point on arrival, anything’s better than small-talk on the weather, right?

Bespoke Wedding Decor by Jessie Chorley

Our hallway leads into the dining room, where you’ll see a treasured feature from our wedding day. The handmade paper mache heart made by Jessie Chorley. On it is our initials, the date of the wedding and then vintage French (yes French again!) newspaper. What treasured pieces do you have from a special day in your life?

This heart hung above the church door at the ceremony, was transferred to the barn for the wedding breakfast and has hung in all of our homes ever since. You can use anything as a feature in your home, hell, I’ve even seen wedding dresses hung up on the side, extreme, but possible.

French Gare du Nord Station Clock

Another nod to our Frenchies is the station clock that’s perched high and proud in the kitchen. It’s a piece of Paris in our home. The kitchen is my least favourite room in the house, lacking natural light. What is your kitchen like? Beyond the wacky fruit bowl and scrabble fridge magnets, it’s a tricky room to personalise. Something we did to inject some life into ours was the paint the floor tiles.

Our kitchen tile project was a creation of ours which has saved us a sweet fortune. The design reflects our style perfectly; light, airy, chic and rustic, using an ornate stencil design. You can see more on how we did it here. It took a long time, and a lot of patience, but the finished look is pretty spectacular.
We have a trio of copper framed vintage family photos to personalise the guestroom

In our back sitting room the room is dominated (in a nice way) by the piano, alongside the saxophone and guitar. Everyone immediately asks “So, who’s the musician?”. Well I’m tone deaf so it certainly isn’t me. But these pieces tell you about us, and come with their own story too. Why box up the instruments when they can command a room, and add interest to your home.

The Music Room

It doesn’t end there, our home is littered with tonnes of vintage curiosities, old photos, vintage table lamps, and framed quotes for inspiration. These are just a few of the ways you can give a home a personality, and you can do it too. And here’s the best bit, it doesn’t have to cost anything. Just dig out any treasured heirlooms or memories, dust off the cobwebs and make them a feature. We all have a story to tell. Let yours be told…

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