The Ultimate Guide to Colour for French Opulence in your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Colour for French Opulence in your Home

Last week I was harping on about Parisian tones and have since had people coming to me asking for the perfect neutrals.

A perfect example of light rustic tones, the calming blue, light grey, and a pop of colour with a blush cushion. All neutral and super chilled topped with a gold chandelier and finished with a white fur rug. Walls are Farrow & Ball Cornforth White.


If anyone can master the understated look it’s the French, it’s in their attitude, their fashion and their interiors. Basically everything except love. These Frenchies are very romantic and wear their heart on the sleeve for sure.

My aim was to capture this romantic feel in our interiors, and you can too! Romantic looks are rustic, soft and dreamy. It’s made up of subtle tones that allow for a splash of colour here and there, without becoming overpowering.
It’s a psychological thing, neutral tones make you feel calm whereas bold bright colours can give you a headache, (well they do for me anyway – perhaps it’s to do with being hard of hearing, they make me dizzy!)
The kitchen needed some light injected into it. With a stencilled floor and white cabinets, the only pops of true colour are the flowers and fruit. Perfect. Walls are in Farrow & Ball French Gray.
The tone of the grey stencil paint and the green walls work well together. Walls are Farrow & Ball French Gray and floor is stencilled in Annie Sloane Paris Gray.
This Homebase chandelier (shocker right?!) optimises the romantic feel, it is super delicate and if you look closer the crystal details have a coloured tinge to them, dusky grey and peachy pink.

So think soft greens, pinks, browns, greys, that are all very earthy and tonal. You can use multiple colours throughout, but so long as they are the right tone, you can get away with it. That’s what I’ve done anyway.

An example of the perfect shades to choose can be found here. Never underestimate the power of colour and its potential to dictate the vibe in your home. If you get it right you will create a haven; a peaceful place to rest, work, live and play.

Even the pictures in our hallway have been muted. Some are black and white and others are colour, but toned down.
Tonal pictures from our wedding day have a timeless feel. Frames are from Ikea.
And finally, I’m not telling you to decorate your house magnolia, that’s vanilla, and no one likes vanilla! Give me mint choc chip any day…!
But if you want a tranquil feel in your home be sure to let in plenty of natural light and greet it with muted, chic and timeless tones. Then you’ll have nailed it.
A perfect example of calming neutrals in the home. This sconce adds a serene country feel to the decor.
Another example of country tones, which for me, are a tad warmer, with a more ochre tinge.



Neutrals allow for a mixture of eclectic, colourful objects to be appreciated. This alcove, of white shelves and Farrow & Ball Cornforth White walls, is the perfect backdrop.
For more inspiration on neutral palettes check out:
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And just for fun, here’s me adding a pop of colour to my living room! Loving the candy pink trend this season. Peace out!!!

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