How I Got Into Interiors…

How I Got Into Interiors…

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In the wake of Mother’s Day, and having a been mother now for a monumental 18 months, I’ve come to realise I have been heavily influenced by my mum in so many aspects of my life, and more so than I realised.

As the youngest of three girls, my sisters only 15 months apart and both much older than me, it was always the baby keeping mum company on Saturdays to the shops or on Friday nights in, while the other two were out experimenting with their fake ID.
People always ask me where my passion started. At first, I didn’t really know until the other day I really thought about it. The answer is, from those Saturdays we spent together.
mum knows best

My mum is a very houseproud person. She, like Monica from Friends, has 11 categories for her towels, hoovers the hoover and cleans the cleaning bottle  (a trait I didn’t acquire – damn!). My mum was always decorating and took great passion in it but was severely colour blind, so would take her “baby” along to help her. Introducing moi, only I wasn’t a baby, I must’ve been anything from aged 10 onwards at the time.

Our Saturday mornings were spent at Fishpools choosing wallpapers or John Lewis collecting swatches for furniture. I was her wingman, or her personal interior designer, I like to think.


But it was during this time that I developed an interest for the home, decor and all the furnishings to boot. However, I didn’t realise it until I moved out and got my arse down to the Next sale (they’re really good!). I spent a few hundred quid on loads of bits and pulled it together really well. My friends were in awe and would come and stay, and it went from there.

I soon met my Frenchie, we bought a flat in Clapham and completely gutted it out, new pipes, electrics, the works. And that’s where I learnt the beauty of a blank canvas. In every home since, I’ve been passionate to put my stamp on it, and make it ours. As I believe every home should tell your story.

Our story is still unfolding, and my passion for the home still evolving. So who know what I’ll be into next. One thing I do know is that it all started twenty years ago as my mum’s accomplice. Where she fell short, I stepped in to help out. And now, having a bubba of my own I’m often the one who’s falling short, (or having meltdowns of exhaustion), and boy is my mum ready to step in and help out. Merci Maman!  


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