My Top Ten French Restaurants in the Capital #2

My Top Ten French Restaurants in the Capital #2

Gastro 2
Top Ten French Restaurants in London

While Paris has our heart, London est la vie, it’s where we met, had our first date, bought our first home, and more. In the past 8 years we’ve been to a fair amount of French restaurants, all of my husband’s choosing, and I thought I’d make a series of our Top 10.

So here’s the second instalment, much overdue if you ask me! My next best French restaurant is in SW4. Our first home was a flat in Clapham, a part of London with a vibrant social scene, full of restaurants, bars, and dare I say it nightclubs (if you can call Infernos a night club?!).

Near Clapham Common Tube is a pedestrianised road with a string of restaurants and boutiques to charm you. One of the restaurants, which in my opinion is very understated but oh-so-authentic, is Gastro.
The name itself doesn’t scream fancy, it’s more your run-of-the-mill French restaurant, but seriously, how often do you find places like this in London? Let me tell you, nearly never!
Gaastro 1
Top Ten French Restaurants in London
This place does all the traditional cuisine, that includes rabbit, snails and even tripe (much to my friend’s horror when a cosy double date found my husband devouring pig’s intestines off the plate infront of them. The stench is incredible!). Alas, that’s how they the French do it.
As for the decor and ambience it’s very in-keeping with the authenticity I touched on earlier. There are traditional stained glass windows at the front, cosy wooden bench booths inside and dimmed lights with candles dotted around.
The price tag is reasonable and the food exquisite. A real French experience if you can’t afford the Eurostar but need a francophile fix.
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